EPL works closely with leading international solar products manufacturers and vendors, an advantage that allows us to stock only good quality products which have been vigorously tested in internationally recognized laboratories, passed international quality standards and have a proven track record of good performance. While solar modules are covered by a 25-year limited power warranty, solar batteries, inverters and other system components, our products are covered by a warranty of between 1-5 years. Some of our brands includes JINKO PV MODULES, SUNTECH PV MODULES, LEOCH BATTERY ,SUNLIGHT BATTERY, VICTRON, OUTBACK, EPSOLAR, PHOCOS, SPARK, ZONNETECH, LORENTZ SOLAR PUMP, GRUNDFOS PUMP, SMA and KACO to name but a few. These are some of our most trusted brands, brands that we stock and use for our customers projects

Besides stocking products, we also consult and offer pre-sales support to empower our customers to make intelligent decisions on sizing and selection of appropriate products for their projects. EPL also provides guidance during integration and installation of its products as well as post-installation support such as additional consultation in other areas, warranty management, and training in products, sales and technical knowhow.


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