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Solar Modules

We sell crystalline, photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. Several modules wired together make a panel or array, although you

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Solar Controllers

Because a standard 12v solar module operates at about 17vdc, a charge controller is needed to protect the battery from over-charging.

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Inverters and Chargers

Inverters have become very common, although there is a wide disparity between prices and quality levels.

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Solar Battery

Because batteries appear to be simple boxes with two terminals, we often assume that they are simple devices. They are in fact,

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The reliable company in provision of good quality solar PV equipment accessories

Why choose Energy Plus?

  • It’s one stop center for solar PV & backup products
  • We only supply premier brads from reputable and well known manufacturers.
  • We provide after-sale support
  • We work with manufacture to provide proffessional training to our delaers and project developers

We Distribute Solar and Back-up Power

We supply solar and power backup equipment on a wholesale basis to our dealers and Project developers all over East Africa. We only supply premium brands from reputable manufacturers in the World that are suitable for tropical region.