Energy Plus Fits the bill in the Solar Energy facilities supply

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Gone are the days where solar energy was for household applications only. The advent of solar energy technologies has shifted the cause and now telecom,industries and irrigation sectors have a lot to tap from.
As the challenge to where you can have all solar energy facilities which fit standards and quality of your desire is on the rise, Energy Plus has it all covered. The Managing Director at Energy Plus, Eng. Said Mbemba shares about the company profile and the dedicated services. Inspired by the fallen President, John Magufuli’s industrialisation drive, Energy Plus had to reckon a business venture that would to a marked extent ensure industrial sustainability. And all of the key business-es, Energy Plus decided to give a shot into solar energy facilities supply. On the other hand, Eng. Mbemba saw an opportunity to delve deep into supplying eco-friendly and cost-effective renewable energies while sustaining his and co-staff’s lives.

The solar energy market

Expounding on details about the solar energy market in the country, he says, “The market is expansive, however, is increasingly overwhelmed by the evolving demands of the solar energy with now becoming everyone’s business. We have set our own standards, and exclusively positioning ourselves as the large-scale solar energy applications supplier,” explains Eng. Mbemba who claims his business to currently serving government authorities such as Tanroads. Further to this, he clearly admits that, with the time, traditional solar ener-gy applications are coming to quick end, only being replaced by modernized applications that see it contributing much to telecom, industrial and agricultural operations. “The ongoing rural electrification crusades, if reviewed well, you will understand its worth having solar power as main source in the process than that of National Grid which whose cost for installing power lines to connect villages network is relatively high,” he commented.He goes on to strike another instance of irrigation schemes, where he notes that with newly launched solar water pumpingsolutions in place, the yield seem to double and expected power cost goes down

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