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Solar Accessories

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African Energy supplies the main components for the renewable energy projects. Whether it be solar pumping, backup system, PV systems – we offer the solutions to promote quality installations. From breakers to surge protectors, protect your system!

Midnite Solar is African Energy’s go to company in providing quality DC Disconnect Boxes, Breakers and PV Combiner Boxes. They manufacture a wide range of alternative energy products, some specifically designed for Africa! One of these ‘made just for Africa’ product is the Battery Capacity Meter. Provides a quick at a glance report on your batteries state of charge/health. A great tool in preventing premature deaths of your batteries! Midnite also offers a full range of surge protectors, these provide protection from lightning and power surges. Made in the USA!

Download Midnite Solar Surge Protection Devices Data Sheet

Download Midnite Solar Battery Capacity Meters Manual

Download Midnite Solar DC Breaker Boxes Data Sheet

Download Midnite Solar PV Combiner Boxes Data Sheet

Download Midnite Wide Range of Breaker Sizes Data Sheet