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Solar Lighting

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Compact Fluorescent Street and Area Lights – Compact fluorescent bulbs can be very effective as area and street lights if they are fitted with high quality reflectors. We offer the Magnaray CFL lamp as a versatile outdoor lamp that can be used as an area light or a traditional street light. The W1PL36 uses a very efficient Iota ballast which draws 2.5 amps at 12v to power a 36w CFL lamp. Another advantage to CFL lights is that the replacement lamps (bulbs) are readily available almost everywhere.

Download Magnaray W1PL36 Data Sheet

Download Maganary Comparison Chart

LED Street and Area Lights – Most LED area and street lights on the market today are not well-designed and most suffer from problems with reliability. We have researched many and found one that we can believe in – this LED light engine is made by the same manufacturer who makes all Apple products and their quality is extraordinary. We order these with Nichia chips and a light dispersion pattern that is most favorable to medium height lamp poles. The light engine is IP65 (outdoor) rated and can be mounted in any manner that allows proper ventilation across the heat sink. We also offer fixtures for these light engines with the cobra head look.

Download FITI Light Engine Data Sheet

Download FITI Data Sheet

Small Home Lighting – We offer low wattage 12vdc compact fluorescent lamps with either screw type or bayonet bases. These are ideal for DC lighting systems, normally used in small home or institutional systems. We do not currently offer solar lanterns.

Download Phocos Compact Fluorescent Lamp Data Sheet

NEW Lighting For Personal Use – We now offer Little Sun Solar LED Lamp which was designed in Germany.
Consisting of .5 watt solar module, and operates at two light levels – 10 hours at low level, 4 hours at high level. 3 x NiMh batteries included with 500+ cycle life.

Download Little Sun Data Sheet

Image of Little Sun Personal Lamp