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Solar Water Pumping

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Low Head, Low Flow Diaphragm Pumps – A diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump appropriate for moving small amounts of water at low heads. It will pump at least some water even in low light conditions. SunPumps here in Arizona makes a bronze and stainless steel pump series with flow rates up to 14 litres per minute and depths of 70 meters. Shurflo also makes a diaphragm pump with a plastic case that can pump up to 7 litres per minute at 70 meters.

Download SunPumps SDS Series and PCA-30-M1 Series Manual

Download SunPumps SDS Series Data Sheet

Download PCA-30-M1D Data Sheet

Download SunPumps SDS-T series Data Sheet

Medium Head, Medium Flow Helical Rotor Pumps – The Grundfos SQFlex is a fantastic pump with an integrated electrical drive that allows the use of AC or DC power from 30 volts to 300 volts. This is a positive displacement pump that works on the principle of Archimedes screw and can pump water at very low light levels. The same 1hp motor and drive are used in all SQFlex models with different pump ends to match the head and flow requirements. This is by far our fastest selling pump.

Download Grundfos SQFLex Data Sheet

Download SQF 0.6-2 Performance Curves

Download SQF 0.6-3 Performance Curves

Download SQF 1.2-2 Performance Curves

Download SQF 2.5-2 Performance Curves

Download SQF 3A-10 Performance Curves

Download SQF 5A-3 Performance Curves

Download SQF 8A-5 Performance Curves

Download CRFlex Product Guide

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High Head, High Flow Pump Solutions – We are now proud to offer SunPumps drives that can run any three-phase, 380vac or 230vac motor directly from a solar array. These drives will operate pumps up to 75 horsepower anytime there is sufficient sunshine. With today’s solar module pricing, solar water pumping has become very affordable. These pumps are made in Arizona by SunPumps, one of the world’s best solar pumping companies. For a rough calculation of the necessary solar array, assume 1.2kW per motor horsepower or less.

Download SunPumps SPV Series Data Sheet

Download SunPumps SPV Drive Specifications

Download SunPumps Submersible Pump Chart