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Magnum MM and RD Modified Sine Inverter/Chargers (1kw – 4kw) Magnum makes sophisticated modified sine wave inverters in 1kw, 1.3kw, 2.6kw and 4kw sizes. They are fully adjustable through the removable MERC interface and have large power-factor corrected chargers. They are becoming popular due their power/price ratio and because of their adjustable set-points. Magnum manufactures in the USA and is owned by former Trace Engineering staff.
Magnum now offers parallel stacking capability and 48v models! Check the MS-PE data sheet below for more details. They are also our first inverter manufacturer to offer free spares – in most cases, your repair parts for any Magnum inverter are free!

Pure Sine Wave

MS-E Series Data Sheet
MS-PE Series Data Sheet
MS-E Series Owner’s Manual
MMS-E Series Data Sheet

Modified Sine Wave
MM-E Series Data Sheet
MM-E Series Owner’s Manual 
RD-E Series Data Sheet
RD-E Series Owner’s Manual

ME-BMK Data Sheet
ME-BMK Owner’s Manual
Performing a Magnum Inverter Reset
Magnum Remote Comparison
Magnum AGS Data Sheet
Magnum MagWeb Data Sheet

Outback FX and VFX Sine Inverter/Chargers (1.3kw – 30kw) Outback makes only pure sine wave inverter/chargers in sealed and vented configurations from 1.3kw and 3kw. Up to 10 Outback inverters can be stacked in parallel and three phase for power output as high as 30kw. The sealed units are great for corrosive or wet environments. The vented units are identical inside, but ventilation allows them to produce approximately 50% more power. The latest addition to the line is the 1300w GFX, with all the VFX functions, but at an attractive price point. Outback manufactures in the USA and is owned by former Trace Engineering staff.

Radian Series Data Sheet
Outback FX and VFX Inverter/Charger Data Sheet
GFX International Series Inverter Data Sheet

MATE Data Sheet
MATE 3 Data Sheet
AXS Port Data Sheet

DISCONTINUED: Xantrex TR Series Modified Sine Inverter/Chargers (1.5kw – 2.4kw) The production of the TR series was discontinued in 2013 and all remaining stock has been depleted. However, African Energy is still able to supply replacement spares for this inverter.

Xantrex XW+ Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers (4kw – 102kw) The XW Plus is the successor to the popular XW and SW series, but with much greater capability. XW Plus can be stacked up to 4 units in parallel and 12 total units in three phase and can be networked together or with the XW solar controller or generator start module or to a gateway to the internet with IP compatibility. The XW + units have the same internal chassis and outer box size as the XW units, but with new firmware that allows them to run higher capacities and provide a number of grid off-set options. The XW+ can act as a traditional backup inverter/charger, a stand-alone solar inverter, or a grid-tied inverter with battery backup. The off-set feature allows injection into the grid to reduce consumption without pushing power past the meter into the grid or cycling the batteries. In terms of power and features, this is the premium inverter/charger that we offer, with the most user-friendly networking and remote communication. Xantrex, a part of Schneider Electric, manufactures these units in China with design and engineering support in Canada and France.

Download Xantrex XW Data Sheet

Download Xantrex XW Owners Guide

Download Conext SW Data Sheet

Download Conext SW Owners Guide

Imeon is a French company that makes an all-in-one grid-tie inverter with battery backup. Their 3kW unit can sell directly into the grid like a traditional grid-tie inverter, but can also charge batteries from PV, generator or the grid. When grid power fails, the inverter acts like a traditional inverter/charger providing backup power. The user interface is built into the inverter and simple to use. Installation is simple because the solar modules can be connected in series up to 510 vOC and then connected directly to the inverter. Imeon is very flexible with software changes and updates as needed. The inverter is a high frequency type and only available in 48vdc battery. The AC battery charger is 20 amps. The inverter is rated at 3kW but can also pass through an additional 3 kW from an AC source. Imeon is headquartered in Normandy, with production in China.

Download Imeon Data Sheet

Kisae is Canadian company run by former Xantrex employees with offices in Canada and a factory in China. They specialize in small, high quality sine wave inverters, and we have tested their 400w inverter under very harsh conditions here in Arizona. They perform very well and offer a lot of value for money. Kisae is a lean company that is able to offer very competitive pricing . We are stocking their 400w, 1,000w and 2,000w true sine wave inverters in 12v battery voltage. These are true continuous power ratings, unlike some competitors that over-rate their power production. Kisae will soon introduce 24v models as well.

Download Kisae Data Sheet