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Solar Charge Controllers

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TS – TriStar Controller – TriStar TS Charge Controllers is a tried and true controller proven rugged enough to handle the African Environment. This is a 3-function controller that provides battery charging, load or diversion regulation. Rated at 45 or 60amp, and both at 12-48volts.

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Morningstar TS-MPPT Controllers – These controllers are an improvement on the popular TS line to add maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capability in 45 amp and 60 amp. Morningstar released this series in 2009 and it is our favorite MPPT now. Accepts up 150v open circuit input and handles battery voltages from 12v to 48v. The TS-60 offers an Ethernet connection for remote monitoring. 200 days of data logging available through the TriStar meter. 99% peak efficiency with a super-fast sweep. Use the specification sheet below to choose the right controller for your battery bank. Charge control only – no load control.

Morningstar Press Release, March 5, 2013 – “Morningstar Launches Awareness Campaign Against Counterfeit Manufacturers to Protect Customers Home and Abroad”

Download Morningstar Tristar MPPT Data Sheet 2014

Download Morningstar TriStar MPPT™ 600V Charge Controller Data Sheet

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Morningstar SS-MPPT Controller – This is the smallest MPPT controller that we offer. 15 amps of charging power to either a 12v or 24v battery bank from a 12v, 24v or 36v array. This controller also has load control including lighting control so that it can be used for street lighting! Settings can be changed via DIP switches on the unit or by connecting to a laptop. Non-volatile memory means you can program it before going to the site. And of course, Morningstar’s traditional “epoxy patent” – all components encapsulated in epoxy for best protection. 30 days data-logging via optional remote meter.

Download Morningstar SS-MPPT Controller Data Sheet

Outback FM Series MPPT Controllers – Outback was the first to enjoy widespread success with a MPPT controller – their legacy MX-60 showed other major manufacturers that there was a big market for power point tracking. The MX has been updated to become the FM series in 60a and 80a and it networks with other Outback equipment through the Hub. 150vdc maximum input with battery banks of 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v or 60vdc. These controllers have built-in LCD screen with 128 days of data-logging. 98% typical conversion efficiency.

Download Outback FlexMax MPPT Controller Data Sheet

Xantrex XW-MPPT Controller – This is a 60 amp controller that competes directly with the Outback – it features a 150vdc maximum input and battery voltages of 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v and 60vdc. On board LCD screen and networking options with other Xantrex equipment through the included XanBus system. Passively-cooled with no fan, which increases product reliability. Algorithim design does not stop energy harvest to sweep for maximum power point.

Download Xantrex XW-MPPT 60amp Controller Data Sheet

Download Xantrex XW-MPPT 80amp Controller Data Sheet 

Download Xantrex XW-MPPT 60amp Controller Manual

Download Xantrex XW-MPPT 80amp Controller Manual

Morningstar SL Series Lighting Controllers – The Sunlight 10 amp and 20 amp lighting controllers from Morningstar provide normal battery charging control, but also act as automatic lighting controllers, using the solar module as a photocell. Available in 12v and 24v, these controllers can switch lights on at night and off in the morning based on light levels, or on pre-set timing. The favorite controller of the solar street lighting industry.

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Morningstar PS Series Controllers – This was one of Morningstar’s first products and it is an industry favorite. Available in 15 amp or 30 amp, it has all of the features of a traditional (non-MPPT) charge controller, including charge and load management, optional integrated display, and basic data loggging. The PS series has settings for gel, AGM or flooded batteries. Built in on/off switch and temperature compensation. Available with or without a built-in meter.

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Morningstar SS Series Controllers – The SunSaver is probably the most rugged solar controller in the industry. It is in an aluminum case with epoxy potted components and is rated Class 1, Div 2 for hazardous locations. Available in 6, 10 and 20 amps with 12v or 24v battery banks. Switch selectable between flooded and sealed batteries with Morningstar’s pulse width modulated (PMW) charging algorithim, it handles both load and charge control simultaneously. Two LEDs indicate charge and battery status. Rated for 25% above labeled capacity, so no need to de-rate the circuits – what you see is what you get.

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Morningstar Solar Home System Controllers – This controller series was created to meet World Bank standards for small home systems at an affordable price. They feature the same reliable Morningstar power electronics, but in a plastic case without battery type selection and in 12v only. 6 amp and 10 amps sizes.

Download Morningstar SHS Controller Data Sheet

Midnite Solar Charge Controllers – Midnite Solar is an innovative manufacturing company located in the USA. Designed and manufactures MPPT Solar Charge Controllers as well as additional products for alternative energy.

Midnite Classic and Classic Lite Series Charge Controller – The Classic MPPT Charge Controller substantially increases the flexibility, features and range; and features an Arc Fault Detection. Classic 150 ranging up to 96amps, Classic 200 is 79amps and the Classic 250 up to 63amps all with the operating voltage of 150-250vdc, 12-48volts. Offered with or without the display.

Download Classic Series Charge Controller Data Sheet

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Midnite KID MPPT Controller is a 30amp, 12-48volt, medium sized controller with load control is perfect for any battery based system. The KID allows for true input paralleling. Able to give you twice the power from a single array. The KID’s HyperVOC feature allows up to 162VOC.

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